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Staging your home for sale on a budget!

Written by Lisa Jenkins

25th Feb 2022

Getting you house professionally styled not only adds value to your sale price but it has also been proven that your house can sell faster. BUT you don't have to move out or spend a fortune to do it well.

Spend little to make a lot!

There are so many little things you can do to make your property more appealing to potential buyers. There's the usual tips like lighting candles, or removing family photos BUT having someone come in and offer ideas who have fresh eyes in your space, can make a world difference. Something I never suggest is baking! It's far too obvious AND it can make people feel like they are intruding.

It's essential that serious buyers can imagine themselves living in your home, so de-cluttering, depersonalising, and neutralising the colour palette are critical steps.

There are hundreds of things you can do in your home at a fraction of the cost than if you had to remove ALL of your furniture and belongings to allow a professional stylists to stage your space.

One room at a time

Take your time to look at each room one at a time. Really look at EVERYTHING in that space and see what you can eliminate that may be too personal or is taking up too much room. Remember, you will be moving in the near future so why not starting packing things away that you don't really need for the time being.

Decluttering a space is the first step to staging. Pack, donate or dispose everything that you have.

Leaving only the bare essentials will allow buyers to easily imagine their furniture in the space. Arrange your furniture in a way that makes each room feel spacious, homey, and easy to navigate.

Inside and Out

Preparing your home for viewing means you have to start at the footpath. Whether you are in a house or apartment, first impressions are everything! You may have styled the inside to look a million dollars but if you have neglected to tidy the outside then you will have buyers walking away before they even come through the front door.

Something that is often overlooked is your house number! Make sure it is easy to see whether it's on your letterbox or by your front door, make sure it stands out.

Take your time and get it right. It will put cash into your pocket at the end of the day!


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