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Declutter your home, declutters you life!

Written by Lisa Jenkins 16 Mar 2022

Start SMALL - and I mean really small. I know this may seem silly but it really does work! I read a lot of tips where they say to start with one room, but that is can be way too much to begin.

NOTE: Did you download my "6 Ways to Start Decluttering Today" from the pop-up? If you didn't, send me an email and I'll send it directly to you.

Clutter is NOT a dirty word!

The word "clutter" has emerged into mainstream society as being wrong, making some feel shame or guilt for having it. Minimalism is not for everyone; its a trendy style that's become "hip" like having a man-bun or puffed sleeves. If you are happy in your home, then what's the problem? BUT, if you do feel cramped or in desperate need of more storage, then it's definitely time to declutter.

Your home is YOUR home so don't let friends, family or even a TV show make you believe that having your trinkets or cherished memories out on show is wrong.

Although, there are a couple of things you should consider. Is dusting or cleaning such a hassle that you don't bother to do it at all - a build up of dust can cause health issues. Also, on a more serious note, someone will have to sort through your belongings one day - whether that is you, or your family once you have "moved on" - so why not sort through it now. That way, if you do have specific items you'd like to pass on, then you get to do it in person!

Baby Steps.

Every client I have had goes through different degrees of emotions during this process. It can bring up memories that haven't been thought of for years - happy and sad that is. Some people do this internally, others like to tell me their history as we sort through everything together which I love. I have a background in psychotherapy which helps me support clients no matter what or how they need to share their stories.

Keep it to a pace you are comfortable with. If it is too overwhelming, have a cup of tea and stop. It will pass. And , if it gets too much, having someone there to support you along always helps.

No matter the size of what you need to do, you need to break it down in stages. Some 'experts' say to do a room at a time but I don't subscribe to that method at all. Some rooms are way too much to go through which most people understandably just give up. I suggest you start with a cupboard or draw even. Baby steps give you those feelings 'little wins' along the way that keep you motivated. Again, my "6 Ways to Start Decluttering Today" download gives you step-by-step actions you can easily follow.

Reward Yourself

I always set realistic time-lines for project with clients to keep them on track. That way, when we finish, there is an overwhelming sense of relief for them. Generally speaking, the thought of decluttering has been weighing them down for some time. We've all felt that wonderful burst of "happy hormones" (dopamine) when we achieve something big.

Make sure to give yourself credit where credit's due. You may be the only person in your world that really understands what you've just achieved. Look in the mirror and congratulate yourself just like you would if you were saying it to a friend. Sounds cooky but it really does work!

No matter how big or small your decluttering project is, always give yourself a 'pat on the back' as you go whichever way you prefer - it may be a massage; it may be a glass of wine or beer; it may be buying that special piece of clothing you've been eyeing off with the money you make when you sell something - one man's trash is another mans treasure!


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