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Deciding when to Downsize

Written by Lisa Jenkins 2nd Mar 2022

Timing is everything so they say, but knowing when the right time is for you to downsize can be a difficult decision.

Talk about it!

Family and friends will all have their opinion but most of the time, they are advising from their own perspective; 'if I was you, I would...' scenario. This doesn't mean they aren't coming from a good place; it just means they aren't always considering YOUR circumstances.

Having a 'neutral' person to discuss YOUR circumstances with can be reassuring to know their focus and advice is all about you.

There are many reasons why downsizing is the right time. Consider your lifestyle - do you want to travel or spend time away from home visiting friends or family. Less maintenance - in a brand new or near new home, you wont have the expense of running costs or repairs. Community - our neighborhoods change over time, so it may be that you want to reconnect with others who are in similar stages of their lives!

Where to go!

There are many options available to downsizing. Are you moving to be closer to family or friends? Do you want to be in a 'village' for connection and security? Do you want to go somewhere else for the weather - cold or warm? Do you want to be able to lock your door and go traveling with no responsibilities?

A personalised service that is catered to YOUR needs can help you narrow down your options to make your decision easier.

Planning is crucial to ensure your new home is exactly what you expected. That all of your needs are being met and your can enter into your next chapter excited about the times ahead.

Leap of Faith

Stepping into the unknown or starting a new chapter can almost be a leap of faith. You'll never really know what it will hold until you get there. Having realistic expectations help to prepare for a change like this. Talking to others who have already gone through the transition can help to learn about the their experience - the good and the hard or unexpected.

Having positive support and guidance along the way will also make the transition much easier.

Ultimately, the decision is yours and you may still have conflicting thoughts whether to do it BUT the Do's will start to outweigh the Dont's - that's when you KNOW the time is right!



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