Packing and Unpacking

Moving house? We are experts at getting your house packed and ready to move, provide a professional final clean then help unpack at your new home.

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Moving house can be exhausting and time consuming. If you are limited for time and need an extra pair of hands to help pack up your belongings ready for the big day, then we are happy to help.

Our premium service includes:

-Supplying all packing products eg. boxes, paper, bubble wrap, tape etc.

-We carefully pack all of your belongings (and cull if you decide you don't need items as we go).

-We label and code every box so the removalist will know exactly where each box/item goes at the new house.

-We make an inventory list so you know exactly what each box contains either via QR app or written.

-We organise the essential supplies separately so they are ready for you on the day you move in.

-(Optional) We can assist with removalists and coordinate them on the day of your move.

-(Optional) We offer assistance to find temporary accommodation during the move.

-Once you are in your new home, we help to unpack everything to get you settled in as soon as possible.

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile

so you have a stress-free move.

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